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Changes to Study Visa Process

Studying in Canada: Changes for International Students

With the Global situation at a stand-still due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Federal Government has taken steps aimed at making it easier for students to begin their online classes from Canadian institutions, while global restrictions are still in effect.

The Canadian government has allowed international students to use the time they will be spending studying online towards their Postgraduate work permit. However, the students are required to at least complete 50% of their education in Canada.

The next measure would allow students who are unable to submit documents related to their application towards the Post Graduation Work Permit due to the global closures, but they still would want to continue their studies while they are not in Canada.

This measure is being followed by a two-step process of getting the approval. Prospective students will be able to go ahead upon receiving an ‘Approval of Principle’. For this you would have to show that you are accepted into a Canadian college or a university and can show the finances to pay for it.

The full approval would require; submission of biometrics, immigration medical exam, police clearance certificate. It is the students responsibility to submit all these documents and get the approval before entering Canada.

Students who have been accepted to begin their studies this fall, have till September 15th, 2020 to submit a study permit application and to be eligible for these new measures.

These are very strong and supportive measures taken by the government, where students will be more certain of their ability to move to Canada once the travel restrictions have been lifted.

Summarising, students should submit their study permit applications before September 15th to be eligible for the new measures. These new measures will allow you to work in Canada after your graduation, even if you are a student who will begin their studies this fall.