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Owing to the Coronavirus and the global economy severely impacted, “Social Distancing” & further preventive measures have created a global standstill. Where countries are closing borders and urging people to stay home, educational institutions and organizations are coming up with more and more ways to encourage and help fellow individuals in completing or furthering their educational journey during the COVID-19 times. 
IELTS by British Council like many businesses have transformed their tests into an online version that can be taken from the comfort of one’s home. 

According to the official British Council website, these tests are available only once a week and cover all the four skill-sets: Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking. This format of the test uses live questions that are marked by official IELTS examiners. 

On completion of the test you are provided with an ‘Indicative’ score for each skill-set and an overall band score within seven days of taking your tests. 

However, it is important to note that the IELTS Indicator Test is only available in an academic format and is only applicable to students applying to universities. IELTS Indicator Test is in no way a substitute for the in-person IELTS Test. The test taker may need to take the in-person test at an official center once testing has resumed to meet the requirements of their university.
The question on every mind: What are the benefits of this test then?

  • IELTS Indicator test provides you to measure your ability in the four skill-sets. 
  • Universities and other Educational institutions can use the IELTS indicator test for application purposes.
  • The IELTS Indicator Test can be taken from the comfort of your home through an online platform. 
  • Finally, the IELTS Indicator test is an official product of IELTS that can be trusted. 

IELTS Indicator tests are available in countries where IELTS testing has been suspended due to COVID-19.
How does it work & what do you need?

  • The IELTS indicator test can be taken from any suitable working desktop or laptop with a stable internet connection. 
  • The test takers are required to complete Listening, Reading & writing in one sitting. The Speaking component will either take a few days before or after the Listening, Reading & Writing Test. 

In addition to a working desktop or a Laptop, test takers are required to have:

  • A quiet and peaceful atmosphere for the test. 
  • A laptop or a Desktop only. The test cannot be taken on a mobile. 
  • A computer that meets the minimum system requirements.
  • The ability to download a SAFE EXAM BROWSER (SEB)
  • A stable internet connection
  • Wired or wireless headphones for good sound quality (Listening Test)
  • Working Web Camera
  • Zoom Application downloaded on your PC or Laptop. 

It is important that you check with your University before taking the Indicator Test for further Information on its applicability. 

For more information please feel free to visit the Official IELTS British Council Website. Bookings for the test open from 22nd April, 2020.