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How Do I Find a School for My Child and Other Important Links

How do I find a school for my child and other important links
Important links
Schools in Canada, Child Care Benefits, RRSP, RESP, different Provinces Official website links etc. Please contact individual agencies for more details on what they offer and how you can avail their services.


Newcomers guide to Elementary Schools in Ontario


School Age Programs (Grades 1-6)

At What Age do Children Start School in Ontario

Ministry of Education

Canadian Public School System

Elementary and Secondary School – ICCRC

The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials

Save the Childen

How can I find a family doctor in Ontario

Links of different Provinces for settlement and other related information.…/to…/immigration-supports…/mo…/immigrating-to-saskatchewan…/LivingSettl…/content/Settling.html…/child-family-s…/child-care-support/

Routine Immunization Tool

How can I prepare my Child for kindagarten


If u stay in Mississauga or Brampton area suburbs of Toronto, there is a non -profit organization called four corners. It covers u for 90 days till u get ur health card

Well Fort Health Services

Provincial Vaccination

Canada Child Benefits

How to apply for Canada Child Benefits

Study in British Columbia

How do I apply for Child Benefits in Ontario

Vancouver School Board

Kindagarten Calculator

Questions to ask your RESP provider

RESP Provider



What is RESP
What is RESP

Day Care Finder
Tiny Chaps