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How to Choose PNP Program

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Each province has a different program and you need to check individual province websites for their demand list and program criteria for your eligibility and apply accordingly.

For those who are already in the applicant pool and are looking for more points through Provincial nominations, see links to each province website where you can review the requirements of their skilled worker program and check if you are eligible and qualify.

Provincial nominations can give you 600 CRS points in your express entry profile

There are 74 PNP programs and there are only a very few programs that people without a Canadian job offer, Canadian education can apply for. I am adding those below with the links separately.

The following links can help you know more about provinces of choice;



3)British Columbia

4) The Newfoundland and Labrador

5) Northwest Territories…

6) Nova Scotia


8)Prince Edward Island


  • Saskatchewan Occupation In-Demand
  • Saskatchewan Express Entry


11. New Brunswick…/new_brunswick_provincialnomineepr…

According to your NOC and the requirements criteria in each province, you can apply to the suitable ones.

You can also watch the following youtube videos for more information on the specific PNP programs

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

Ontario Tech Draw

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

Saskatchewan SINP Program Pain Points

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