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How to Link My PR Card Application to MyCIC Account

How to link my PR Card application to MyCIC account
Follow the below steps only after you have landed. It gives only 5 attempts in one day.

1) log in to the CIC account.
2) Go to the section “Link an existing application to this account”. Click on the “Link application to this account” button.
3) Select category as PR Card
4) Select “Unique Client Identifier (UCI) and Family Name”
5) Fill in required details (please make sure capital, small, comma etc.)
6) Provide landing date in “Date you became a permanent resident”
7) Click on search for my application.
8) after the application is searched make sure you submit the application else not linked.

However, for some people linking becomes impossible. This is primarily because people put their birth city not as per what is written in your passport. Birth city has to match exactly as in Passport including punctuation marks if any.

Once you have successfully linked your application it will show you as “Submitted” status and once it is ready for dispatch it will go into “Approved” status.

If you receive any photo request then it will not change any status. Regularly check PR card processing time on the CIC website as photo request or PR card approval both come in the last 5-10 days (i.e if processing time is 63 days then after 55 days you will be able to see some movement.)