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What if I need to travel back immediately after landing in Canada

What if I need to travel back immediately after landing in Canada.

COPR/PR visa expiration is related to the medical expiry date and will be mentioned on it. You and all your dependents must enter before this date. Primary applicant must land first and activate the landing. Secondary/dependent applicants can either land together with the primary applicant or follow at a later date but before the expiry.

On landing the address that you provide the border officer, is the one that will be used for mailing you your PR card once it is ready. You can always change this address by visiting Service Canada office at anytime after your landing,by showing your passport and CoPR. As per current average times it may take anywhere between 63-120 days. (in most cases delay being due to photographs, which you are requested to resubmit).

If you leave the country without your PR card (which is now essentially your proof of residence as well as your travel card to re-enter Canada), then there are 3 options available for you in order to return back to Canada:

1. Have someone carry or send your PR card once received in mail. However do note that it is possible but NOT RECOMMENDED to send PR card outside Canada by mail/courier. If it is identified at the border then it may be seized by the border authorities.

2. Apply for PRTD (Permanent Resident Travel Document) from the Canadian embassy once you leave. This is good for single entry and may take upto 3-4 weeks for the embassy to process.This can not be applied from inside Canada.

3. If you have US visa (or don’t need it) then fly to US and travel to Canada by road and enter by showing your CoPR, or any other document that proves your residency. This is not ideal but is acceptable only for border crossings by “Road” in a private car.